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The Fruit Sugar Myth!

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from people first being introduced to the raw fruit diet is: "What about all the sugar?" It is unfortunate because the medical establishment and educational systems have taught people that all sugars – including fruit sugars – should be kept to a minimum for good health, for weight loss, for those that have blood sugar issues/diabetes, for those that have fungal issues like candida and so on. This however, is completely false. As a detox specialist, I have personally helped my clients with these very health issues COMPLETELY heal their bodies on a diet of raw foods - predominately fruits! From my experience and from observing everyone that goes on a raw fruit, there is no question that this diet is far superior in its healing capabilities over all other diets. Now of course, processed sugars like cakes, cookies, and complex sugars like breads and grains are incredibly unhealthy for the human body, are acidic in nature, inflammatory and mucus forming and should not be consumed for health, however, this same principle does not apply to simple sugars (the sugar found in fruits). Complex sugars are the real problem and simple sugars from fruits have nothing to do with this. Fruit sugars are the true health foods that the body needs for vibrant health! It is unfortunate because nowadays too many people are scared away when eating fruit because of the detox symptoms they experience from eating them. Fruits are highly astringent – meaning they are detoxifying and pull on the lymphatic system to eliminate wastes from the body. Fruits begin to cleanse the body of all the acids and obstructions within and around the cells and the tissues of the body for years due to eating an acidic diet high in proteins, complex starches, processed foods and being exposed to chemicals and poisons daily. Through detoxification with fruits, one finally begins releasing these acids out of the body through detoxification symptoms – and this can be an uncomfortable process for some, but it is an absolutely necessary process in order to heal. If these acids are kept inside of the body for too long – they then burn the tissues of the organs and glands - thus weakening them. This destruction is what creates various disease conditions within the body. This is truly remedied by consuming simple sugars from fruits that deeply cleanse the body as well as providing it with true clean energy to all the cells. In today’s article, I will discuss the harm that befalls the body when one is always avoiding sugar in the diet, why the body absolultely needs sugar for good health, the reason why some people seem to not be able to handle sugars and what they can do to fix this issue, and the issues with consuming complex sugars and starches.

The Low Carb Diet Craze

Look around and you will see that society has been taught the opposite of what is truly healthy. Every “healthy” diet out there seems to push protein and vegetables as the healthiest foods to consume. Yet, if you really think about it, hardly anyone ever stays on these diets long term. These diets promise weight loss, "detox", maintenance of blood sugar for diabetics, healing candida, and more - when in actuality nothing can be further from the truth. This becomes very apparent as people struggle to stay on these types of fad diets. These types of diets that completely omit all sugars are in short unsustainable and dangerous. Biologically, all humans require carbohydrates as their main source of fuel and energy for the cells to carry out their duties and for the brain and nervous system to function. People are literally starving all the cells in their body on low carb diets - weakening them - and in the end what happens- they gain all the weight back or become incredibly fatigued or suffer from pains in their body or are plagued with digestive issues – it hardly ever ends well, and who could blame these people? Protein is not a healthy fuel to burn in the body for energy. Protein itself is acidic in nature, high in phosphorus and nitrogen, when humans should eat foods that are alkaine to keep their bodies more on the alkaline side - falling too much on the acidic side creates destruction. The use of protein as energy creates high acidosis conditions - contributing to the destruction of tissues, cells and creating disease. I have seen this time and time again in the people that come to me to heal from the effects that the ketogenic diet or paleo diet had on their bodies. It is insanity the diets being recommended these days. The reasoning behind cutting out all sugars from one’s diet is flawed – just like attacking and trying to kill viruses in the body instead of cleaning the toxic terrain in which those viruses thrive in is flawed. If one has issues with consuming fruit sugars or even complex sugars (whether they gain weight, or have blood sugar issues, or have candida issues) - it has everything to do with the person’s specific weaknesses in their body – whether it be gland, organ or systemic weaknesses. Addressing these weaknesses by truly detoxing the body and repairing weaknesses in a hydrated and alkaline medium is directly addressing the root cause as to why someone may not be able to handle simple sugars. It is time to stop placing the blame of fruits - the healers of the human body. The fruit sugars are never to blame. It is not about cutting out the main energy source of the body (carbohydrates), it is all about healing the body within – addressing the root cause of this problem so that one can handle these healthy foods again. Those that are not able to handle fruits are very acidic within. Fruit sugars will always show a person the weaknesses in their body that they need to heal. Fruits are there to show people what areas they need to focus their attention on with a strong diet and herbal protocol in order to completely heal their body and thrive. One should be happy, energized, clean within, smell good, and so forth on their healthy diet. I have not seen this to be the case for anyone that avoids fruits and consumes a diet high in either proteins, fats and greens in high quantities.

How the Body Uses Sugar and Why we Need it

One must understand that sugar is absolutely essential to sustain human life. We cannot survive without it. Sugar – otherwise known as carbon – is an important part of the equation when your body is trying to acquire ATP, ADP, and AMP. These are known as the energy factors of a cell. This is where the oxygen that we breathe in and the carbon (aka: the sugar that we consume from foods) are combined together - thus creating pure energy for our cells! This energy created is necessary for all the processes in the human body that go on everyday throughout our life. This is especially true for the brain and nervous system to grow during our early years - which is why children absoultely thrive on a diet high in fruits. The fact remains - without sugar – all of the cells in your body would die. The same can be said about oxygen of course. Without sugar – a cell would begin to die and then mutate. This then sets up a a natural immune response - as the body (and nature) always gets rid of that which is weak. This is a dangerous game to avoid sugars - the body does not burn amino acids (proteins) for energy, nor does it burn fats for energy - without an reprucussions to your health. Proteins and fats can of course be broken down into glucose when it is being restricted from what it truly wants - carbon, for example when one is on a low carb diet, but at great cost to the health of the individual. This is because burning a protein for energy is like using the walls and the foundation of your house to burn in your fireplace. When people try losing weight by burning proteins for fuel, this causes fat breakdown. However, it also causes tissue breakdown. Many people have destroyed their liver, pancreatic and kidney tissues by burning up their building blocks (proteins) instead of using proper fuels (sugar).

The Healing Properties of Simple Sugars (Fruits)

I have seen the body thrive on the simplest of diets – the most hydrating, alkaline and detoxifying diets – a raw food and fruit-based diet. True detoxification focuses on the movement of the lymph system and lymphatic wastes out of the body through the foods that pull on this lymph system the most. The foods that do this are fruits – with their astringent and hydrating properties, they break up hardened masses, stagnation and areas of mucus, acidosis and dehydration in the body. It is in actuality an acidic environment that various diseases and health issues arise – never in an alkaline and hydrated medium (the foundation of what fruits are and offer to humans). An acidic and dehydrated environment also invites various pathogens, fungus and viruses into the body. These microorganisms thrive in weaknesses and fermentation. We can see, when foods complete their digestion that they leave behind an ash – either an alkaline ash or acidic ash. All proteins leave behind an acidic ash and all ripe fruits leave behind an alkaline ash. Proteins are the culprits for the human condition becoming worse within – not fruits. People get this easily confused because when one goes on a raw food and fruit diet – one starts to experience detox symptoms. This is where the notion that “natural fruit sugar is bad for you” has come from. You see, as a species our human bodies have become so occluded, so toxic from the “foods” and poisons around us, that when we begin to consume the foods that naturally keep us healthy, vibrant and clean on the inside – it starts to push all the toxicity and mucus out that we have accumulated from a lifetime of eating junk! The way the body does this is by opening up the channels of elimination. This means cleaning house! The body will then seize this opportunity of the hydration from the fruits, the astringency pulling on the mucus, and the simplicity in digestion that saves the body energy to put into healing! This change from the norm of the body usually having to break down complex foods, creates a switch from digestion to detoxification - and this is when one begins to FEEL the body cleaning acidosis. This pulling of acids and toxemia in the places of the body that are the weakest to the person is what people feel as detox symptoms.

Candida and Blood Sugar

Say someone has a problem with Candida – when they start to detoxify with fruits – they will begin to FEEL the candida (fungal overgrowth) being pushed out of the body. Someone with no knowledge of detoxification would then think that the fruit made their candida worse - when in reality the body is just pushing it out. You see, candida is not a fungus that one must kill. To heal candida overgrowth or any fungal issues – one must clean the environment within that candida likes. Fungus thrives in fermentation – that is the response of nature – and humans cannot override this response without harming themselves – it is impossible. Sure, we try with antibiotics to suppress and kill candida and viruses – not knowing that it is suppressing our lymphatic system of cleaning out cellular wastes from our bodies – and not knowing the damage that antibiotics do to the digestive tract – burning up the tissues with its acidic sulfur compounds. The same can be said with those healing diabetes – fruits are the only way to heal diabetes. Sugars from fruit actually lower blood sugar. Consuming fruits – all of my clients have quickly found that their blood sugar and even blood pressure are lowered in just a few days. When it comes to diabetes, the detox symptom that occurs is an initial blood sugar rise from eating fruits - this is what usually scares people and doctors because they do not understand what is happening - but this is actually an expected process the body goes through when first detoxifying called "blood sugar loading" or "glucose loading". This is a process that the body goes through in which it begins to detoxify - and this breaks down the fats within the body - this is what initially causes blood glucose levels to go up, but blood sugar will in fact quickly stabilize on a diet of fruits within a few days after this process takes place. This is why monitoring both blood sugar and blood pressure if anyone is on any medications to control these is absolutely essential when going through the detox process, because if readings are showing lower numbers, then dosages must also in turn be lowered to reflect the new readings. It can be dangerous if one is not monitoring this. This is why it is important to work with an experienced detox specialist when you are working to heal health issues such as these. When healing diabetes through detoxification, one needs to keep blood sugar levels under 120 at the very least - and through this monitoring of blood sugars – while lowering the dosage of medications - one can then safely titrate off of their meds or insulin as they detox to completely heal diabetes. However, where many people go wrong is doing this on their own just with the diet. This is where people fail. It is important to address the weaknesses of the body – the true reason why a person has health issues such as diabetes. In this case one must either address the adrenal glands, the pancreas, or both! The adrenal glands are responsible for blood sugar metabolism and the pancreas is responsible for producing insulin. These are the true causes of why someone cannot handle sugar. But the solution is to not avoid sugars - the solution is to fix the glands of the body! Rebuilding these glands and organs takes a strong herbal protocol in conjunction with the correct raw food diet. This is the role of a detox specialist and how I help my clients heal their health issues. These weaknesses can be seen through the symptoms someone shows as well as the signs in the irises through iridology. I have helped countless of people heal from diabetes as well as candida and cancer through a raw food and fruit diet with a detox protocol specific to them. Everything is healed when one focuses on the complete health of the human body - not the treatment of symptoms. Unfortunately, just as many times as I have seen people heal with raw foods and fruits - I have also seen people get diabetes and uncontrollable blood sugar issues through eating the foods that are unfit for humans - complex sugars/starches and proteins. These are the worst foods to consume for human health and they are unfortunately what are on most people's plates for every meal of the day.

Complex Sugars – the Real Culprit

Complex sugars are the "evil sugars" if one can call them that – not fruits! Complex sugars or starches like breads and cakes and grains – give the body too much sugar – which the body cannot use. This creates fat in the body – especially in those that have adrenal gland issues (that control sugar metabolism) - which is the true cause of obesity. The solution is to not get rid of all sugars to lose weight – but rather to eliminate complex sugars, increase simple sugars to detox the body of acidosis that breaks down the adrenal glands in the first place – and to perk up these adrenal glands through either an adrenal formula or an adrenal glandular (depending upon the level of weakness as seen in the person’s eyes through iridology). This is what heals obesity issues. Complex carbs are fungal proliferators, not fruits. A slice of cheese or a slice of bread on a counter will be the first to grow mold on it before fruit ever would. This is because fruit only begins to grow mold on it when it begins to ferment and break down (which takes much more time) - whereas bread and cheese are already fermented products and will begin to mold immediately if not kept refrigerated. Bringing in these fermented and complex foods inside of the body (inside of heat) and it often stays in the body and ferments in those with digestive issues only causes more problems! Fruits do not bring issues as they are easily digested and eliminated by the body quickly. Bringing in fermented or complex chemistry into the body causes fungal issues. The consumption of complex sugars (starches) calls the fungal family to come in and help eliminate the excess sugars. This is the process of fermentation. When there is an overabundance of fungus in the body – this creates carbonic and uric acid in the body – further contributing to pain and inflammation – a major cause of conditions like arthritis and gout as well as stimulating nerve responses leading to hyperactivity of tissues. It is not simple sugars that feeds the fungal family – but complex sugars that do. In this way, simple sugars from fruits never feed candida – complex sugars from starches do! Understanding the role of parasites and viruses is important – this is nature’s way of getting rid of that which is toxic and weak from the body. With the herbs, one can detox all harmful microorganisms like bacteria, parasites, fungus and viruses. If one cannot handle sugars, one must understand that cleaning and rebuilding of the body through detoxification is essential to fix this issue. If you have a pancreatic and/or adrenal gland weakness, you must fix it! The problem with most doctors, nutritionists and even most naturopaths is that they do not know how to fix the root cause of the problem or why the body even begins to fail! This is why they recommend the acidic diets they do, and why people see little to no results and their health declines overtime.

Fruits Vs. Glucose Vs. Amino Acids

In every way, fruits are more biologically compatible with humans for consumption over other foods for good health. Simple sugars do not require insulin to be absorbed into the cells of the body for energy. Only glucose requires insulin – so fruits can never raise blood sugar. Fructose enters the cell by way of simple diffusion. Vegetables (glucose) however, creates the demand of insulin. This is why diabetics should avoid vegetables and focus on fruits to heal. Fruits sugars (carbon) are also on the base side of chemistry, whereas amino acids (nitrogen) tend to be on the acid side of chemistry. Base dominant foods help keep homosapiens and most vertebrae healthy and free from disease, whereas acids are destructive in nature. Alkalinity is healing. This is not to say that one should avoid all vegetables and amino acids all together forever. But it does point to the fact that the fruit diet is absolutely essential if one wants to deeply clean and heal the body of health issues and disease. It is also important to realize that fruits should be the staple of everyone's diet for good health.


It is my belief that studies funded by big corporations with ulterior motives other than the truth should not be trusted - and rather, seeing actual people being healed of countless “incurable” disease through detoxing with fruits counts for more than rigged studies and the medical establishment saying fruit sugars should be avoided. One must be very careful to not fall into the trap of disease thinking and treatment-based thinking – otherwise, one will never have any hope in healing their health issues and this is why so many never find their healing remedy – due to misinformation and fear perpetuated by the medical industry and so called “health experts” in nutrition. The fact remains that on a raw vegan fruit diet that detoxifies the human organism, there is a 97% success rate in healing any health issue. This is a better success rate than anything else being promoted on earth today, yet it is not spoken about. Many coorporations do not want this truth to get out. We live in a world where big corporations profit off of the diseases of the masses through the selling of chemical poisons and suppressants - medications - which cause more health issues and therefore more medical intervention (and more money in the pharmaceutical industry’s pockets). This is the sad reality of the world we live in today. The truth is hidden in plain sight and due to fear - hardly anyone will ever heal – unless they are on their last rope and finally try true detoxification with the raw food and fruit diet and herbs addressing the true root cause of their health issues. This is why I will continue to share this truth out into the world with all of you. For every person that discovers this truth and heals (like so many of you already have or are on this healing journey), it is worth all my time dedicated to writing articles and creating videos on how to heal through detoxification. I share this with all of you today - I share this for anyone that needs to know the truth, that is tired of coming to a dead end on their healing journey, that are not seeing the results they want to see in healing. Detoxification is the way and fruits are the angels that will heal and set you free!

Until next time,

Happy Healing!

-Ailin Duran D.S.

-Ailin Duran D

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