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Most body care products are toxic and cause harm to our body. The skin absorbs everything we put on it. This is why when we start eating clean and getting healthy in our bodies again, we must also reevaluate what we are putting on our skin and body.  Here are the best natural and vegan body care products that I have come across. I have been using most of these products for close to 10 years!

Dr. Bronner's Soap

The best all around good soaps I have found are by far the Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soaps. They are made with organic essential oils and are very concentrated. They are multi-purpose soaps and can be used for anything from washing your hair and body, to mopping the floors, and washing the dishes! They come in many different scents: Almond, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rose, Tea Tree, and Unscented! 

Desert Essence Shampoo

Desert Essence Organic shampoos are one of the best vegan shampoos I have tried and very affordable. They are perfectly clarifying as well as moisturizing, leaving your hair shiny and soft. They also smell amazing! 

Uncle Harry's Toothpaste

Uncle Harry's Toothpaste is fluoride free (fluoride is a neuro-toxin; very damaging to the body). This toothpaste is amazing! Very powerful at cleaning the teeth and mouth at a deep level! It is alkalizing, detoxifying, and remineralizes your teeth with its essential oils and earth clay. It is peppermint flavored. It's the best toothpaste I have every tried and it is whitening my teeth each day! 100 percent natural ingredients! Only need to use a tiny bit on your tooth brush because this stuff is potent!

Herban Cowboy

Natural aluminum free deodorant that actually allows the body to sweat and detox but deodorizes just as good as any deodorant out there. Comes in great scents: our favorites are forest and dusk for men and blossom and superstar for women. 

Wooden Hair Brush

The best hairbrush ever! Better than plastic or metal hair brushes. Has wooden bristles that absorb your hair's natural oil and distributes them evenly; conditioning your hair. Reduces static and breakage! Massages Acupressure points on the head which stimulates circulation to the scalp and helps with hair growth!