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The Master Your Health Package

The Master Your Health Package brings everything you need to get started on your detox healing journey!


The Master Your Health Package includes:


- A 1 on 1 Zoom Consultation (1.5 - 2 Hrs.) - I will connect all the pieces of the puzzle of what is causing you your health issues during our call by going through your symptoms and iridology reading. All your detox questions will also be answered during this call! (Value - $400)


- A Follow Up Consultation (90 min.) within the first two months - to update your diet plan and herbal protocol for continued deep healing! We will catch up on how things have been going for you with your detox protocol and I can address all questions you have: about diet, detox symptoms, detox tools, etc. (Value - $300)


- An Iridology Analysis - pointing out all the weaknesses in your body (organs, glands, and systems) that must be addressed in order to heal! I will go over this iridology analysis during our call together! (Value - $300)


- A Personalized 8 Week Herbal Protocol that will work on healing all your weaknesses and health issues. (Value $300)


- A Detox Diet Plan tailored specifically to you and where you currently are on your health journey to detox, alkalize, and get healing results! (Value $200)


- Specific Detox Tools with instructions to enhance your healing journey and assist you in healing specific areas and locations of your body. (Value $100)


- Copies of your Consultations sent to you in video format for your reference after our calls!


- A Special Discount when placing your herbal order!


- Access to schedule continued detox support after completion of this initial package!



Total Value - $1600

For You Today - $997 (Save $603!)


Get to the root cause of all your health issues and have a full-body plan created for you to detox and heal with The Master Your Health Package!

The Master Your Health Package

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