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Nutritional deficiencies seem all too common these days, but why is that? Many people like to blame nutritional deficiencies on not getting nutrients from one’s diet, a lack of a certain food that would cause this deficiency, but this is often not the case. In my years...

Let's answer the age old question today! Why is it that some people can eat whatever junk food they want and seem to never get sick or have any health issues? On the flip side, why is it that some people seem to eat fairly healthy, always watching what they eat - and y...

I am seeing breast cancer “awareness” everywhere and it is sickening. Signs saying to get your breasts checked today with mammograms are everywhere! Seeing this unawareness makes me very mad. To think that the cure is already available through detoxification but this k...

How to Heal PCOS with Detoxification!

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